Sigora Solar

Harness the power of the sun and improve the efficiency of your home.


Signature Produce + Reduce™ package includes:

Solar Installation

BPI Goldstar Energy Audit

Free Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Documented Pearl Home Certification

One for One


Did we mention the Guaranteed Energy Production the sun can give us?


Partnerships that matter!

For Crown Orchard Company, going solar at Carter Mountain Orchard, Chiles Peach Orchard and their production facility was the obvious choice. Running an orchard takes a lot of energy! Together, Sigora Solar and Crown Orchard Company are working to lower the company’s environmental footprint and increase its sustainability for years to come. 

At Sigora, they envision a Haiti where children can study at night,
where adults have ample job opportunities, and where businesses flourish.
they envision a Haiti where people are empowered by power.

Tesla Powerwall certified installer

Sigora Solar's Produce + Reduce, Now with Storage

Incredible Reviews

Our unparalleled service alongside Sigora's Produce & Reduce package is echoed by the thousands of families saving money since Sigora was founded in 2011.

Pearl Certification through Sigora

Houses that are green-certified homes sell faster and appraise at a higher value!

Money back Guarantee

They"ll pay you DOUBLE the difference if you don't get the results they say you will.

Sigora's Mission

"By providing cutting edge solar and energy efficiency technology, world-class service and competitive pricing, Sigora Solar is leading our community and the world to a brighter energy future one home, business, school, and farm at a time. The Sigora family is committed to creating a lasting, positive impact on every community we touch."

"Andy Bindea founded Sigora Solar in 2011 with little more than a used Honda civic and a 40’ ladder in Waynesboro, Virginia. Since then we have grown to 11 states across the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West. We were named the number 1 solar installation company in Virginia and ranked 30th residential installer in the Nation. We were also named the most forward-thinking company in the US. Our unique Produce And Reduce package has been saving homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars on their bills and creating a positive difference across the globe through our Sigora Gives Back program. This program utilizes a partnership through our sister company, Sigora Haiti, and the non-profit HADPRE to bring electricity to rural Haiti. Haiti is currently the poorest nation in the western hemisphere and over 8 million people do not have access to electricity."

Sigora's Story

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